EKIF research projects: 
  • Parliamentary Elections 2006: the gender preferences of the Cypriot voters 2006 (GR)
  • Representation of Male and Female Teaching Personnel in Primary and Secondary Education: Its impact on educational and social outcomes 2008 (GR)
  • Female Immigrants: Profile, obstacles, needs and aspirations 2010 (GR and ENG)
  • Mapping the Research Landscape in Cyprus through the Gender Perspective 2012 (GR) 
  • Parliamentary Elections 2006 & 2016: The gender preferences of the Cypriot voters 2016 (GR)  
  • The gender of youth unemployment in Cyprus - views and attitudes of the unemployed youth and the employers 2016 (GR)  
  • Entrepreneurship: The views and attitudes of male and female university students, 2017  (GR)