Dr Danae Lordou-Kaspari

Danae Lordou-Kaspari is a graduate of the University of Athens in mathematics, with post-graduate studies in education (M.Ed. and Ph.D.) at the University of Wales, U.K.

For 34 years (1972-2006) she served at the Department of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, where she held the positions of the teacher of mathematics, the deputy headteacher, the inspector of mathematics and the chief education officer. She also served on secondment at the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus (1993/94) and the University of Cyprus (1994/95).

Her research interests focus on education and training, as well as social justice and gender equality issues. She has published two books: Curriculum Development in Secondary School Mathematics in Cyprus 1960-1995 (2003) and Θέματα Διδακτικής των Μαθηματικών (2000). She has participated in the development of research studies funded by the European Union as an expert of the Cyprus EURYDICE Unit: Structures of Education and Training Systems in Europe 2009/2010; National Testing of Pupils in Europe: Objectives, Organisation and Use of Results (2009) and Responsibilities and Autonomy of Teachers (2007). She also contributed to the development of the mathematics curriculum and textbooks, 1999-2006.

She is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Gender Research Centre, which she joined in 2008.

Dr Paraskevi Chatzipanagiotou

Dr. Paraskevi Chatzipanagiotou is an Assistant Professor of Educational Management with the European University of Cyprus (Department of Education). She studied Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and got her master and doctoral degree from the same University.

She has worked at the University of Macedonia and Thessally from 2003-2006 as Scientific Collaborator of Educational Administration. Since 2004 has been working as Part Time Academic Staff with the Hellenic Open University and since 2008 with the Open University of Cyprus (course module School Management, master degree of Educational Studies). She has also evaluated a lot of researched-based projects and participates as trainer in further education programs for school staff and principals.

The research interests of Paraskevi Chatzipanagiotou are mainly focused on the fields of school management, school leadership, human resource management, innovation management, school improvement and TQM. Over the last ten years she has published two books and authored individually or with others articles in journals and chapters in collective volumes on aspects of management and leadership issues.

Dr Panayiotis Louca

Dr. Panayiotis Louca holds Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (1998) from the University of Cyprus and has significant teaching experience in public primary schools in Cyprus. He holds an MSc in Educational Research from the University of Manchester (2000) and a doctorate (PhD) in Learning in Natural Sciences from the University of Cyprus (2010). Dr. Louca is Research Fellow at the University Frederick since 2011. His doctoral thesis focused on the scientific arguments in computer supported collaborative learning environments. Since March 2012 he represents Cyprus in the Action WEBDATANET of the European Program COST, which is an interdisciplinary network of researchers engaged in data collection through the internet. He also participated in the project ICTeESD funded by the program Erasmus - Virtual Campuses, in which he worked to develop a distance (e-learning) graduate program, and was trained as a certified e-learning tutor. Dr. Louca a member of the Committee on Distance Learning Programs of Frederick University and teaches courses in science education and educational research methodology to undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Education. Before joining Frederick University he has worked as researcher and administrative officer for the Evaluation Committee of Private Universities of Cyprus and coordinated external evaluation and quality assurance project, and participated in external audits expert panels of private universities. Dr. Louca is a member of local, national and international scientific associations.

Dr. Louca is a member of the Board of the Gender Equality Research Centre (EKIF) since 2012 His research interests focus on scientific argumentation ability of students and teachers, especially in e-learning environments of electronic communication, as well as innovative ways of evaluating teaching and learning in the natural sciences. Finally, his research interests focus also on gender differences in the attitudes towards science. His work has been presented in local, national and international conferences .